Food and Nutrition


At Elim Church our day nurseries aim to deliver and promote positive nutrition and health care in a way that will appeal to all children.

We provide a healthy balanced menu prepared and cooked freshly each day by our onsite cooks. We cater for all dietary requirements and work alongside our parents in order to be able to deliver this. Meal times are a relaxed and friendly time during which staff sit along-side children and encourage positive eating habits.

We have two menus that are rotated on a two week basis and offer a variety of main courses and deserts across the week. We cater for dietary requirements and allergies.


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The menu’s are changed seasonally to reflect the fresh ingredients that are on sale. We serve on size appropriate plates but there is always an opportunity for seconds and even thirds. Through out the day we offer a variety of snacks including fresh fruit and vegetables, sandwiches, muffins, cheese straws, bread sticks, cheese, cold meats and milk and water. Children may sit in key worker groups, altogether with other children from their age appropriate room or all come together to mix with other children in the setting depending upon the time of day.

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In everyday activities healthy living is promoted again in a way that is very child friendly, washing hands after going to the toilet, before sitting down to eat and also encouraging washing hands after sneezes and wiping noses. We have introduced brushing teeth after lunch for our toddlers and pre-schoolers hoping to promote good oral hygiene. All the children enjoy fresh air and exercise on a daily basis, whether this is through free flow at our Larkhill setting or going for walks around our local area or playing in our outside areas at Southville. Our southville Day Nursery Food Hygiene Certificate  Download

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