Larkhill Church day Nursery Fees

Our rates are very competitive with other nurseries in the area, and we do not charge any extra for meals or snacks for children who attend our nursery under our normal fee structure.* Our aim is to provide a happy, healthy and safe environment for your child where they can progress and develop to their full potential. To this end we employ well-qualified dedicated staff that we try our best to reward adequately. Rates Apply from April 1st 2016 and reviewed on a yearly basis.

For Children that are accessing more than the funded hours we charge a deposit, payable upon reserving a place, that reflects the weekly hours your child does. This is refunded upon leaving when your child’s account has been cleared.

* Exceptions apply for EYE funded children

AM Session



Inclusive of food

PM session



Inclusive of food

All day

7.45am -5.30pm


Inclusive of food

Weekly rate



Inclusive of food

Additional hours


Up to 2.5 hours per day

We accept many of the voucher systems for payment and for more details please ask.

For EYE funded children the additional food cost per session



Additional food cost




3 times a week

3×5 hours

£2.80per session

lunch box

Term time only


3 times a week

3×5 hours

£3.30 per session

Lunch and tea box

Term time only


2 times a week

2×7.5 hours

£2.90 per session

Breakfast and lunchbox

Term time only

Early Years Funding information

2 Year old Funding

We are able to offer spaces for children who are eligible for 2 year old funding. This is attainable provided you fit the criteria. Leaflets are available regarding this on request

Parents accessing funding will be charged for additional cost including food at the above rate.

3 Year old Funding

All children will become eligible for Early Years Entitlement (EYE) during the funding period after their third (3rd) Birthday.

Where children are accessing the EYE funded hours only an additional fee will apply for food and meals provided

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