Larkhill Church Day Nursery Facilities

The Baby room and toddler room

Our baby room is the smallest area of our nursery at Larkhill which adds to the cosy and comfort appeal, which is often relevant when dealing with young babies. A range of activities are set up that are age appropriate, allowing babies the opportunity to learn using their senses.

larkhill sensory sleeplarkhill baby room

baby lark 2 baby lark 4 baby lark 3 baby lark 1

We have a sleeping room for the babies’ cots and for the toddlers to use. They have a nice snooze mat to lie on, with a soft blanket over them.

The toddler room is a bright, attractive and child friendly room with a sensory area for the children to explore. Children have the opportunity to develop their skills and abilities through play and exploration. There is a time for children to sit and self register before they play.

larkhill toddler 2larkhiil toddler 1

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The Pre-School room

Our Pre-school room is a bright and vibrant area allowing children the space and freedom to explore and learn through positive play, embracing the new Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) learning through play. There is a designated messy play area for children to experience tactile play.

larkhill preschool room

Pre Lark 1

Through play they are introduced to phonics, mark making and mathematics providing the foundations for learning and preparing them for big school.

Pre Lark 2 Pre Lark 3

With the children being so busy they often need a few minutes to relax and rest and we have developed our sensory area for the pre-schoolers to just chill.

Pre lark 7

The children can use their imaginations to travel while developing engineering skills (building the tracks) and learn about the world around them. Its great to listen to the children talking about their travels. Using small world toys their imagination can go wild, literally with the dinosaurs too!

Pre Lark 8 pre lark 9

The Outside area

We have a nice outside which is accessible for the children through free flow throughout the day. This area is safe and the children are constantly supervised. Outside play is a regular and important part of our children’s daily routine. We provide lots of different activities on a daily basis, which help the children join in and interact.

larkhill outsid 2 larkhill outside 3 larkhill outside 4 outside larkhill 1


Food for thought

Our onsite cook prepares meals from our menu that is rotated fortnightly. Mandee also prepares tasty morning snacks and afternoon snacks too. Mrs Green our cleaner also helps keep everything clean and tidy.

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