Elim Church Day Nursery Southville

Our last Ofsted inspection took place in November 2013, resulting in an overall judgement that the level of care delivered is that of a GOOD quality. The inspector put particular emphasis on staff promoting and forming supportive relationships with parent and carers.

“The management team has high expectations and encourages continuous improvement which results in children making good progress.Staff form strong and highly effective partnerships with parents, and these enable children to benefit from regular communication about their care and learning.”OFSTED 2013
“Staff provide opportunities for children to explore paint and craft activities. Children’s learning is developed by skilful questioning. This extends their thinking about what happens when different colours are mixed together. “OFSTED 2013

We create an enabling environment where children can be themselves and explore and develop “The nursery provides a warm and welcoming environment for children and parents. There is a range of interesting activities which all children and babies can reach easily. This helps them to be independent in their learning. Children are happy and confident in their nursery and enjoy being with each other and the staff.” OFSTED 2013

As a setting we are always looking at and working towards improving the quality of care that is delivered. This was also reflected in our most recent report where it states.

Larkhill Church Day Nursery

At our last inspection in August 2015 the Ofsted overall judgement that the level of care delivered is that of a GOOD quality.

The inspector commented on the safe and welcoming environment that we offer and how the children enjoyed their time at nursery. “Staff communicate effectively and work well as a team to keep children safe and support their learning. the management team uses various methods to assess the quality of teaching, including regular staff supervisions. In addition, it uses more experienced or qualified staff to train others and model good practice.” Ofsted August 2015

The inspector also found the range of activities planned and the children’s experiences according to their interests an learning needs to be good. “Staff are well qualified and have a good understanding of the learning and development requirements. they provide a good range of play equipment and resources, arranged so that children make their own choices.” Ofsted August 2015

In order to access and read the OFSTED reports in full you can go to the OFSTED website.

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