Mrs Rowe SouthvilleMrs Julie Rowe
Overall Manager of Larkhill Church Day Nursery and Manager at Elim Church Day, Southville. 

Mrs Rowe over see’s both our nurseries and has been manager at Elim church day nursery since 2003. As a parent herself Mrs Rowe recognises nursery as a huge stepping stone in children’s lives.Mrs Rowe holds qualifications in Quality standard management level 4, Diploma in pre-school practice, safeguarding children, First aid and SENCO level 3. Julie is the designated Lead for Safeguarding at Elim Church Day Nursery.Mrs Rowe is married with two grown up children and has just recently become a nanny.

claireMrs Claire McSevney Designated Committee safeguarding lead (based full time at Larkhill).


Miss Viv southvilleMiss Viv is the Deputy Manager.

Miss Viv has been at Elim church day nursery since 2006. Viv works closely with Mrs Rowe and  together as part of the team as our special education needs co-ordinator (SENCO).
She holds qualifications in Quality standard management level 4, Diploma in pre-school practise, safeguarding children, SENCO level 3, Behaviour management, first aid, Somerset tot
al communication. Viv is also our ECAT (every child a talker).

Miss Tasha SouthvilleMiss Tasha is a Deputy Manager and room leader for the Pre-School Room.

Miss Tasha has been at Elim church day nursery since 2002, as a student. Miss Tasha holds a qualification in NVQ level 2, 3 and 4 in Child care, safeguarding children, first aid, children’s behaviour, Somerset total communication and recognising schemas.

Miss Tasha creates a room where the children can freely explore and question with a creative flare.

chelseaMiss Chelsea Early Years Teacher.

Miss Chelsea is our early years teacher at Southville at the start of the week and at Larkhill Wednesday Thursday. Chelsea started as a student with our sister nursery in 2004. She left to gain more experience and to complete her BA Hons in Education and gain Early Years Teacher Status with
 Post Graduate Diploma, then returned to us in 2015.
Chelsea now spends 2 days a week at Southville and 2 days a week at Larkhill. Chelsea has completed the following: Paediatric First Aid Qualification, Safeguarding Level 2 Qualification, Level 2- Food safety and hygiene for catering

Miss Lauren SouthvilleMiss Lauren is a Senior Nursery Nurse and the lead in the Toddler Room.

Miss Lauren has been at Elim church day nursery since 2010, Miss Lauren started as a student she holds NVQ qualifications in level 2 and 3 Early Years and foundation stage Degree in early years. She has Somerset total communication and first aid.
Miss Lauren works in the toddler room providing a cosys hand on environment where toddlers can freely explore and discover.

Miss Sara SouthvilleMiss Sara is a Senior Nursery Nurse in the Pre-school room.

Miss Sara has been at Elim church day nursery since 2010, starting as a student. She now works alongside Miss Tasha in the pre-school room. Miss Sara holds a qualification in NVQ level 2 and 3, first aid and Somerset total communication. Miss Sara works to create a room with plenty of creativity and allows the children to explore using their senses through un-usual but very fun messy play activities.

Miss Liz SouthvilleMiss Liz Nursery Nurse.

Miss Liz has been at Elim church day nursery since 2006; Liz holds qualifications in NVQ level 2 and 3 in child care, safeguarding children, behaviour management, SENCO level 3 and Somerset total communication.
Miss Liz has 3 children and 4 Grandchildren who like to keep Liz on her toes! She provides support in all rooms through out the week.As a parent herself Liz recognises the importance of a loving, caring environment preparing children and babies for their future.

Sammy SouthvilleMiss Sammie is a  room leader in the Baby Room providing an environment where children will thrive and develop.

Miss Sammie has been at Elim Church Day Nursery since 2013; prior to this she studied her NVQ level 3 as a student at the nursery. She also holds qualifications in Safeguarding children, First Aid and Somerset Total Communication.

Miss tamara SouthvilleMiss Tamara is a Nursery Nurse in the baby room.

She joined the team in 2016. She holds level 2 & 3 in Childcare & Education, first Aid and food Hygiene. Miss Tamara works alongside Miss Sammie and enjoys giving the babies an opportunity to learn through messy play.

Louise southville Miss Louise is a Nursery Nurse in the Pre-School Room.

Miss Louise has been at Elim Church Day Nursery since 2011 and is qualified at Level 2. She works alongside our named SENCO enabling children with additional needs to fully access the setting. Miss Louise holds qualification in First Aid, Safeguarding and also Somerset Total Communication.

Sam L SouthvilleMiss Sam is a nursery nurse in the toddler room.

has been at Elim Church Day Nursery since 2013 and is Level 2 qualified, she has completed  her NVQ level 3 and hopes to go on to university to  train to become a teacher. She also holds qualifications in First Aid and Safeguarding.Miss Sam works alongside Miss Jenny creating an inviting and stimulating environment in the home corner.

Natasha southville Miss Natasha is an Apprentice in the Toddler Room

Miss Natasha joined us in February 2016 as an apprentice and is working towards her level 3 in child care. Before Miss Natasha joined as an apprentice she was a student at Yeovil College and doing her placement with us.She works closely with Miss Jenny and Miss Sam to create an environment for the toddlers to thrive and develop before moving into our pre-school room.

Natalia southville Miss Natalia is an Apprentice.

Miss Natalia joined us in September 2016 and is currently studying for her NVQ 3 in Early Years. Miss Natalia has also completed her first year of her level 3 through Yeovil College. Miss Natalia is currently working in both the pre-school room and toddler room supporting the staff where needed. Miss Natalia moved to England in 2007 from Poland, she is working alongside all the staff to support the children and has given us the option of having a bilingual member of staff to help and support our polish speaking parents and children

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