We aim to achieve a partnership between parents and the nursery team that facilitates your child’s development and happiness from home life into nursery life. This is highlighted in our OFTSED report which recognised that our parent partnership was of an outstanding quality.

Holly Dowd 2011-present

“Rosie loves being at nursery. She has come on leaps and bounds since starting here. She is so excited when I drop her off and enjoys seeing all her friends. I am completely anxiety free about Rosie being here (which is an achievement) and I out it down to the caring staff and relaxed atmosphere. I am so pleased with Elim church day nursery and everyone who works here.”

Siobhan Dow 1999-2010

“Thank you so much we have been here for 11 years now and it is still as welcoming as it was on the first day. The kids love it here and everyone is so helpful, o cannot express how much that means to me and the gang”

Mick and Emma Lowry 2008-2012

“Both of our children attended Elim Church Day Nursery from the ages of 6 months to 4 years old and 6 months to 2 years old respectively.  Our lasting impression of the nursery was the happy environment and the professional dedication of the staff, who always had time to listen or talk with us. The children were always happy to attend; looking forward to the next session and always came away smiling. As a result we have two confident, well-rounded, sociable children, and even now we feel that we can visit the nursery with the children knowing that we will all be greeted in the same kind, friendly manner.”

Samantha Evans 08/29/2014

“Amazing place. My 3 eldest children absolutely loved it and my second to youngest child currently attends and loves it too! Number 5 will follow when old enough :-) The staff are great and always happy to help in any way they can ”

Robert Soutar Septemner 2015

“My daughter has come on so well since joining you in May you are great.”

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